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7 artists, limitless vision, artistic perspective and unending desire to make a difference. That’s who Vanarsena is!

Having pursued our careers in various fields in the corporate world for almost a decade, we decided to come together not just to satisfy our creative needs but with a belief and conviction that we can make a difference. Every day we see situations and things where change is needed, but our aim is not just to make the change but to do that with the main aim of spreading happiness.

At Vanarsena, we will not be limiting our scope to any particular area or field as we are confident that with all of us together we can achieve whatever we decide. For us sky is the limit!



Using 'Art' as a tool to bring about a positive change in a constructive manner and spread happinness; for every indivisual connected and also for society at large.


We have come together to satisfy our creative needs which will make a visible difference in society with art; spreading joy and happiness around the world.



Vanarsena Team


Amruta Jamkhedkar

Minal Jamkhedkar

Prasad Bhardwaja

Satvashil Jagtap


Swapnil Kumawat

Swati Gavde







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